So, Westboro Baptist plans on protesting a concert by Lorde, pop’s flavor of the month. 

Lorde has responded by telling concertgoers to wear rainbow colors and try to kiss protesters of the same sex. How cheeky. Such brave. Wow. It’s amazing how this poor, victimized manufactured “artist” with sold out concerts, plus millions of likes and Twitter followers, can stand up to this incredible abuse by a church with a membership of less than 100 people. But we have to keep up the perception of victimization, so that tiny, irrelevant group of nobodies will have to do.

As we all know, the only good Westboro Baptist protester is a dead Westboro Baptist protester. Would you like to know more?

I am very annoyed this morning.


Failing to End the Discussion

So, here we have a person so stupid that they think moral issues get shut down if people are so distraught by the limitations and judgments that they impose that someone kills himself.

There are plenty of stupid people in this situation, but in particular, fuck the preacher that performed the gay marriage ceremony for his son. The author of the blog, too, for being a youth minister but evidently not understanding that the church has a hierarchy and the obvious problems with allowing people to make up their own religious principles as they go along.

Someone obviously doesn’t understand the purpose of organized religion: to legitimize moral discipline. In a world where no one seems to be able to think of a good reason why the principles and identity of their society is more important than the individual, it should be really obvious that the purpose of all religions, somewhere in their pantheon and structured code of behavior, is to give people a reason to obey and play by society’s rulebook, even if it’s an allegorical reason, a ideal represented by holy figures. Christianity has always struggled with this because Christianity bases its conception of the good on compassion, which leads to huge degrees of internal contradiction when it comes to religious discipline.

Such contradictory theology allows great flexibility – too great, which is why religious literalism and fundamentalism appeal to some people – for the sake of love and forgiveness, but can’t stop degeneracy. For that, you need standards, lines drawn in the sand that people can count on, lines that go beyond an individual’s vulnerable and often stupid judgment and only get modified by elites looking at the big picture. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the relevant hierarchy, it doesn’t matter if you and people close to you think you’ve earned the right to do whatever you want, it doesn’t matter if the growling of your stomach is louder than other people’s stern lectures. Morality is meant to restrain self-interest, not give it excuses.

What a stupid blog. The time for discussion is past? We’re shutting down debate? Okay, then I’m going to shut down debate over the rightness or wrongness over property rights, access to medical care, access to education, every socially constructed limitation human society places on individuals because there are cases where someone might die if they don’t have education, medical care, or property like food and shelter. No doubt there are truckloads of people who consider the legitimacy of property rights and such other barriers to utility very low on the list of social priorities because of the intensities of human needs and desires. They would approve of stealing for the impoverished. They ignore the basic reality that only because property rights exist and we require people to earn property through work that we have the resources to provide for anyone.

Similarly, everyone has sexual desires, they often have to deal with frustration, and that doesn’t legitimize violations of what almost every society in human history has decided about sexual morality just because people’s feels are hurt. Morality is accountability, and sexuality is not an exception to people having limitations placed on them for the sake of creating rational expectations of behavior and social order. Family matters, not because all we need is love, but because it provides institutional structure for creating and raising children. Discipline is first, feelings are secondary at best. I’m not just going to go with treating relationships that do not accomplish this as if they have equal value to those that do. I will tolerate, but I won’t lie. That is one prerogative Western society gives people that I will take advantage of, to not lie.

If someone’s prerogative to discuss this needs to be called into question, it’s the dumbasses who are so concerned with people’s emotional state that they refuse to not only prod them into accepting order, but refuse to allow other people to do it, out of some sense of karmic moral simplemindedness. It takes an incredible degree of weakness and sensitivity for someone to allow their life to be destroyed, not because they can’t fuck who they want to fuck, but because there are still some people on Earth who won’t congratulate them for it. That kind of sensitivity has gone too far. As a culture, it IS our fault that the kids kill themselves over sex, because the messages we send their way reinforce the over-valuing of sexual pleasure, while creating expectations that they should be able to do whatever they want. Then it becomes oppression when they don’t get it. This is what happens in a culture where sex becomes a more central part of people’s identity than religion, family, and country.

Not only am I not in favor of ending this discussion, I’m in favor of winning it on the opposing side.



I has privilege.

Just letting everyone know, getting it out of the way. I am a white, male, cisgender, non-Christian (but I’m cool with church), and probably several other things that are totally shitty.

The thing is, I just don’t care to self-loathe. The strawman argument of people annoying the above author by saying, “Not all of us are like that!” gets to take a break when I’m around, because I most certainly AM like that. I’m not racist, but simply because I say that, most people who think of the world in these terms will assume I’m racist and my culture has a history of it, so people can call me that all they want. I don’t think racism the unmitigated evil the rest seem to; I just don’t care about race, period. My nation is polyglot, and we can work with that as far as I’m concerned. I think that gender norms are a good thing for the institution of family, that men should be assumed to be in the dominant position in a marriage, and that equality within marriage is a terrible expectation that either doesn’t exist or very nearly doesn’t. I don’t see homosexuality as being equal to heterosexuality, as one of these behaviors propagates the species and one does not. I don’t care about the global overpopulation thing nor do I care if sexual preference is a biological predisposition or a choice: either way, the actions of gay people reflect a willingness to choose sexual pleasure over reproduction. I know plenty of gay people and get along fine with them, but were I to have my own children, I would prefer they be straight or at least act like it for the sake of continuing the family line. And I think this anachronistic understanding of moral norms works fine, whereas the modern liberal code of moral norms is laughably unworkable in ordering a dynamic society.

I have no shame in this. I won’t bring it up as dinner table conversation 99% of the time because I’m not that specific type of asshole, but a slightly different breed.

What this article does is simply reinforce that they’ve won, and I have no country, no people, no greater society I live to promote. I have deployments and a work history and voluntary work under my belt, and the more I see of people like this, the more sure I am that I’ve been suckered and I’ve wasted my time. They want me to work for the pathetic, and I refuse. They will not respect me, even if I do it, since according to their principles, the power that allows me to help was a product of my privilege to begin with and I shouldn’t be glorified for having these kinds of choices at all. I’ve had plenty of these discussions before, in case you haven’t noticed. There’s nothing to be gained on my end; it’s a rhetorical fistfight, and that’s it. Why bother?

I have no incentive to cooperate, to restrain myself more than the level necessary to avoid jail time. I can be an asshole, sure. Why not? Feminist and liberal sympathizers can tell me I’m being immature for not tolerating the frustration stoically, like the oppressed groups did; I’m assuming that means they think they did the right thing in tolerating it before. Either that, or they expect revenge to be served by the enemy voluntarily kneeling down and handing them a sword, in which case, they’re idiots and deserve their disappointment. They can tell me that if I play by their rules, I can have a good life, but they clearly aren’t capable of understanding how their own minds work, let alone mine, so how can they know if any life they offer will appeal to me? Do they actually care? You know the answer.

I don’t respect these people anyway. I don’t respect their positions, I don’t respect their complete lack of self-awareness, I don’t respect their visions for the future.

I have not had a conversation about the future in several years where the goal didn’t revolve around making people more equal, which translates directly into the mechanics of society being less efficient and the authorities less legitimate. Basically, my days in college eliminated any talk about inequality being acceptable, and therefore, about success being legitimate. The reason? For the sake of people’s financial and emotional well-being, of course. Sorry, don’t give a shit.

The ethical backdrop of that article is a position where equality is the ultimate goal. People’s behaviors are granted value to the degree in which those behaviors support this goal. Equality is legitimate. Hierarchy, the inverse, is not. Don’t think too hard about it! Don’t think rigorously about how the only thing that justifies inequality is a failure to support a norm of equality.

You might realize that morality is – and always has been – a system of behavioral expectations that some people can use to manipulate, devalue, and control others. It’s been used by authority figures for centuries to maintain social order, and was certainly created by them. But since the advent of the post-Enlightenment age, the era of egalitarian individualism, the people have used it to demand freedom from the authorities, by painting existence as an oppression narrative. When you understand this, what people like this author are trying to do becomes clear: they are using a hatred of power and the people who presently have it to take power for themselves.

They have idiotic ideas, like the one where, for the sake of their own self-interest, they call us selfish. Should I respect this?

There might be a more idiotic idea: the one where they tell us to be open-minded, meaning, don’t listen to the arguments that might make our lives seem legitimate. Just listen to the arguments that damn your life.

Maybe the love idea is next: that because I don’t want to do what they tell me to do, then I don’t love them. If that’s the case, then they should be perfectly willing to do what my side wants them to do. Because love.

There’s no dignity to this game. There’s no higher purpose to this game. There’s no meaning to it, no honor, no eye towards a feasible future, no matter their visions. Fuck this shit.

Whatever. The gender thing is the most disgusting. The men can get a shittier deal every day if they want, with questions like, “are men obsolete?” being asked as if they were serious:

Obviously, the answer is yes, particularly to the women that don’t need them personally anymore, but instead settle for government confiscation of their wealth. Government men, using the threat of force provided by other government men, to take what men have, for their benefit: independent womanhood must be so awesome.

For men, if they had any balls, they should be more willing to admit that women are obsolete, except for hookers and pregnancy surrogates.

But I’m privileged! Seriously: not having control over women when I was raised to believe that I eventually would have a family – which is, in essence, having control of a woman, albeit under strange pretenses that one of us would be happy serving the interests of the other, or both serving each other, which sounds like a recipe for directionless disaster and perpetually disordered distribution of responsibility – is a minor bump in the road towards the goal, which I guess is to have stuff and entertainment, and no judgment out of society, which will certainly grant me tremendous self-esteem, or something. This is America. It’s easy to get.

Who gives a shit? Friends and family exist to use each other, employers and cultures and nations exist to get everyone on the same materialist track. We just have to convince each other that we enjoy it.

Sorry, but I’m not feeling any shame in being one of the demographics that’s benefited from past competitive success of others like me. The classic Western method of controlling people isn’t by honest application of force or deprivation, but in getting people to believe in the righteousness of their deprivation, moral control. It’s tricky and based completely on propagandist psychology. And for those of you who are tired of this trickery, I would advise you to take the concept of shame and eliminate it from your emotional palette. If you don’t want to be used, if you want to maintain the freedom that they covet, there’s no sense painting with that color.

Power games are always zero-sum. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

If your sympathies are with the article writers, immediately unfollow this blog. Don’t wait – do it NOW. Fuck anyone who has empowered these idiots by giving them money, attention, any form of patronage. And fuck the society that doesn’t have enough sense of itself to rip them to pieces when they step forward and damn all we are. You have no soul, and you would experience pain beyond your imagination for the shit you’ve contributed to in the name of justice and freedom and all those other buzzwords. You suck, all of you. If I ever have anything of value again, you’re getting none of it. I will not live for your sake, and the weaker portray yourself to be, the more obvious it is that you aren’t even worth acknowledging.