Failing to End the Discussion

So, here we have a person so stupid that they think moral issues get shut down if people are so distraught by the limitations and judgments that they impose that someone kills himself.

There are plenty of stupid people in this situation, but in particular, fuck the preacher that performed the gay marriage ceremony for his son. The author of the blog, too, for being a youth minister but evidently not understanding that the church has a hierarchy and the obvious problems with allowing people to make up their own religious principles as they go along.

Someone obviously doesn’t understand the purpose of organized religion: to legitimize moral discipline. In a world where no one seems to be able to think of a good reason why the principles and identity of their society is more important than the individual, it should be really obvious that the purpose of all religions, somewhere in their pantheon and structured code of behavior, is to give people a reason to obey and play by society’s rulebook, even if it’s an allegorical reason, a ideal represented by holy figures. Christianity has always struggled with this because Christianity bases its conception of the good on compassion, which leads to huge degrees of internal contradiction when it comes to religious discipline.

Such contradictory theology allows great flexibility – too great, which is why religious literalism and fundamentalism appeal to some people – for the sake of love and forgiveness, but can’t stop degeneracy. For that, you need standards, lines drawn in the sand that people can count on, lines that go beyond an individual’s vulnerable and often stupid judgment and only get modified by elites looking at the big picture. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the relevant hierarchy, it doesn’t matter if you and people close to you think you’ve earned the right to do whatever you want, it doesn’t matter if the growling of your stomach is louder than other people’s stern lectures. Morality is meant to restrain self-interest, not give it excuses.

What a stupid blog. The time for discussion is past? We’re shutting down debate? Okay, then I’m going to shut down debate over the rightness or wrongness over property rights, access to medical care, access to education, every socially constructed limitation human society places on individuals because there are cases where someone might die if they don’t have education, medical care, or property like food and shelter. No doubt there are truckloads of people who consider the legitimacy of property rights and such other barriers to utility very low on the list of social priorities because of the intensities of human needs and desires. They would approve of stealing for the impoverished. They ignore the basic reality that only because property rights exist and we require people to earn property through work that we have the resources to provide for anyone.

Similarly, everyone has sexual desires, they often have to deal with frustration, and that doesn’t legitimize violations of what almost every society in human history has decided about sexual morality just because people’s feels are hurt. Morality is accountability, and sexuality is not an exception to people having limitations placed on them for the sake of creating rational expectations of behavior and social order. Family matters, not because all we need is love, but because it provides institutional structure for creating and raising children. Discipline is first, feelings are secondary at best. I’m not just going to go with treating relationships that do not accomplish this as if they have equal value to those that do. I will tolerate, but I won’t lie. That is one prerogative Western society gives people that I will take advantage of, to not lie.

If someone’s prerogative to discuss this needs to be called into question, it’s the dumbasses who are so concerned with people’s emotional state that they refuse to not only prod them into accepting order, but refuse to allow other people to do it, out of some sense of karmic moral simplemindedness. It takes an incredible degree of weakness and sensitivity for someone to allow their life to be destroyed, not because they can’t fuck who they want to fuck, but because there are still some people on Earth who won’t congratulate them for it. That kind of sensitivity has gone too far. As a culture, it IS our fault that the kids kill themselves over sex, because the messages we send their way reinforce the over-valuing of sexual pleasure, while creating expectations that they should be able to do whatever they want. Then it becomes oppression when they don’t get it. This is what happens in a culture where sex becomes a more central part of people’s identity than religion, family, and country.

Not only am I not in favor of ending this discussion, I’m in favor of winning it on the opposing side.



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