Accountability Before Compassion

With the health care law still drawing political blood everywhere, my own experiences debating this issue have now lost me friends I never knew were so sanctimonious. Their points are simple enough: the law – and let’s not talk like it isn’t going to be fully implemented, because it is and everyone knows it – will get more people health care. It will do it at severe cost, because the deeper problems with health care cost in America aren’t being addressed, but no matter. The point is, get the people the health care. And as I have heard so many times, people are going to go to the hospital anyway, so we might as well get them covered so they stop running up everyone else’s insurance costs and stop going bankrupt.

They have to have access to medicine; it’s people’s health, so cost no object, right?

In other words, since we won’t deny people care, then we might as well make it an entitlement. I’ve been called a bloodless asshole and very nearly psychotic for my objections to this, and by the moral standards of your average liberal, that’s exactly what I am. I do not look at the world like they do. And while lots of conservatives will fight this, knowing that their electoral success can be swayed by whether they appear to be nice guys, they lean the same way I do because they, too, are “assholes”.

The thing is, the entire liberal agenda works for what they want it to do, and freedom-hawking conservatives can’t deal with it. The liberals want the leverage that the system has over the people to disappear. They want the entitlement system to lower dependencies that people have on the economic and religious structure for their well-being, leaving only an elected and servile government that’s willing to lower standards of behavior in perpetuity to care for them. This is how liberals want to create freedom: by creating a world where people don’t need the authorities, they cease to be authorities.

The people will not have to work, will not have to respect tradition, will not have to fear reprisal of any kind as they go through life enjoying the fruits of the system with no pressure levied on them to work and conform. 

This is exactly what I have a problem with. Those who continue to work anyway become a servile class when this happens. I cannot simply accept working for the welfare of people who I share no values with simply because they happen to exist.

But doing the right thing is all about tolerance and unconditional love!


Accountability over compassion.

Discipline over empathy.

There will always be inequalities, and they must benefit those who, by a standard set and enforced outside the individual’s self-serving ego, act in accordance with their culture’s strictures and embody its values.

If the people want to separate themselves from the values and strictures of their society in the name of freedom, then their society owes them nothing. If they come inside from the cold, then they play by house rules. Otherwise, no free lunch for you. The medical system should be turning people away who are too stupid to have medical care, just like the church should never put a penny of their charitable work into helping people without even getting a hearing for their faith. Reciprocal altruism beings a society together. An altruism of one-way self-sacrifice is cultural suicide.

The logic of this doesn’t seem to matter, as it’s just so cold, people can’t stand it. This entire debacle will probably score political points for the left. The government is competing with every other institution in the country, and it’s winning.

It’s a problem. No matter how many times you say to yourself that love will save us, love fades, while the discipline of institutional hierarchies have always held together a culture. We will pay for our softness, our unwillingness to put aside the weepy femininity and push people to pack the gears with the rest. I know this, but it’s still shameful to watch a once-great culture prove itself unworthy of its position in the world, especially when you still consider it your culture.


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