Healthcare Twits

Saw this on a Twitter feed:

“Dear GOP: making fun of healthcare.GOV crashing because demand was too high doesn’t help your argument.”

Actually, it does. The GOP has been talking about how the entire mess was too expensive, and ridiculous demand for it just emphasizes how correct they are about that.

What’s actually being said is, “this proves the case for more government health care, because people need it. Thus, the government should provide it.” That’s called either Marxism or Christianity, but since this supposedly neither a Marxist or a Christian country, either way, you believing this doesn’t mean you’re “right”.

What the GOP should be saying to the public is, “fuck you, handle this yourselves through earning more money or charities or something. You want us to leave you alone, then stop asking us for things.” They can’t say that because elections. Once again, democracy doesn’t work.

That is all.


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