Today is one of those days…

Yahoo! News has two articles right next to each other that say too much.

The first is about a guest on Big Brother who gets outed as racist in some fashion. The second is about a new racist ad campaign by Dunkin’ Donuts. Back-to-back racism day, maybe?

Whatever. Do me a favor and don’t click on either “article”; you run up the visit count and encourage advertisers to support such behavior by checking that shit out, and you know better than to think there’s something of value there, don’t you?

I’m sure someone could call me a racist for the shit I post, although it will probably never happen because my profile is too low. I’d have to be dangerous to be worth mentioning, and I’m not, since I gather so little attention.

Meanwhile, it’s 106 degrees here, and I’ve got better things to do than waste time on Yahoo. Stay cool, gentlemen.


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